The Jury

Festival jury

Attila Kaldy (Australia), producer of MoonLarkMedia, began his film making career in 2006 with rugged and raw footage collected from haunted locations in Australia. Driven by a passion for the unexplained, he have since filmed and produced three paranormal reality TV shows (series), an esoteric talk show, three documentary series, four documentary films on the unexplained and a short horror film.

Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain) is an experimental filmmaker, writer and composer. Born and raised in Madrid he received his Masters degree in Journalism by the Complutense University & ABC and has worked in nation-wide journals. He was awarded with the Ramón J. Sender Prize for his first novel Música de un patíbulo (1998). His next novel, Aleluya, was published in 2015. At present he is a co-founder of Tiempoperdido Producciones.

Valentina Ivanovna Kharitonova (Russia), doctor of historical sciences, organizer and head of the Center for the Study of Shamanism and Other Traditional Beliefs and Practices at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of The Fondation for Shamanic Studies and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Society of Medical Anthropology «Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Medical Anthropology». Areas of scientific interests: medical anthropology, anthropology of consciousness, ethnomedicine, psychological anthropology, anthropology of religion, social (cultural) anthropology, ethnology, ethnography, folklore, conspiracy-spelling practices, folk healing, altered states of consciousness and human activity in ASC (problems of the creation of mysticism knowledge, the formation of folklore and mythological texts, perceptions of reality, supersensitive and extrasensory manifestations), religious-mystical and magician-mystical practices (medicine-witchcraft, shamanistic); modern spiritual practices and new-religious phenomena.

Vladimir Maykov (Russia), Ph.D. senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, associate professor of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, president of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, member of the EUROTAS Presidium, head of transpersonal programs, specialist in holotropic breathing. He worked in television programs “Mystical Travels with Eduard Sagalaev” and “At the Origins”, author of the documentaries “Dance of Infinity”, “Instruments of Evolution”, “The Secret of Carlos Castaneda”.

Stanislav Raevsky (Russia), psychologist, Jungian analyst, PhD, professor of psychology at Moscow State University, member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP), co-chair of the Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology (MAAP), director of the Institute of Creative Psychology.

Sergey U. Kluchnikov (Russia) is the member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, psychologist, philosopher, researcher of mysticism, expert in research of latent reserves of human, member of the Russian Union of Writers. S. Kluchnikov is one of the most popular Russian authors who writes on self-development, self-regulation, personal harmony and attainment of life’s success, research of Eastern and Western meditation practices, stress relief and self-actualization. He has published 17 books (over half a million copies in total), he has also published several hundreds of articles in various journals and reviews.

Denis Ovsyannikov (Russia) has been working in television since 1998. He began his career as a filmmaker and cameraman at the “Darial” studio and the “Vizavi” regional television company, completed an internship on the “TvThree” Irish television channel, and worked for the “Brighten!” production company. He worked as the director of the Russian branch of the “World Fashion Channel television channel”. He is a director of documentaries “Dolmens of the Caucasus”, “Pilgrimage to Bari”, “Pilgrimage to Venice”, the TV series “Alternative”, the popular science film “Book of Dreams”, “The smallest cities of Russia” and “In search of a past life”. Owner of the Internet movie portal Ovideo.Ru and the production studio of the same name, the Internet TV channel «TV Extra».

Oleg Vavilov – publisher, co-founder and director of the publishing houses “Peresvet”, “Sofia” and “Open World”. He published Pelevin and Castaneda, Paulo Coelho and the Dalai Lama. Traveler and explorer.

Ina Agafonova – psychologist, psychic, systemic constellator (Hellinger Sciencia, Germany), integral practitioner, founder and co-owner of the Witch’s Fortune chain of practical magic stores and the World Tree school of integrated development. Author and presenter of training and transformational programs. Inspirational explorer of the World.

Vera Khubelashvili – leading astrologer, permanent expert on TV and radio, author of the journal sections “Cosmopolitan”, “Home,” Komsomolskaya Pravda “,” Evening Moscow “,” Woman.RU “,” Dni.RU “,” Topbeauty “. Founder of the astrology and magic school.

Oksana Starodetskaya (Dhiana Tarika, Russia) — psychologist, certified energy color therapist (Aura Soma Academy of Color, ASIACT, UK), tarologist and teacher of the psycho-esoteric Tarot, author and host of a number of trainings and courses, founder and head of the Self-development Studio “ Joy ”, a traveler and organizer of tours to esoteric places of power and holy places, developed an author’s methodology that combines psychology, esotericism and spiritual practices.

Rodos Blonskii | VOID is an European artist, director and musician, gaining popularity in Europe and the USA, director, art director, actor, stylist and producer, participant of film festivals in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. Organizer of a network of startup companies launched in 50 cities of Russia, winner in the nomination “Best Creative Director – 2017” according to the International Educational Assembly.

Elena Orlyankina – Certified Coach of the International Coach Association ICF. The author of the on-line workshop “Course on PRIZvanie”. An expert on the disclosure of the potential inherent in a person.