Program 2023

All best films that were selected for the vscreening, will be shown on the big screen during the solemn final ceremony on February 04 – 05, 2023 in Moscow, Russia and will be able to struggle for the main prize and the title of the “Best Esoteric film”. As well as for the prizes in the standalone nominations.

February 04, 2023

10.00 – 12.00

Philippe Hamelle Anxiety Overcome (Luxembourg) 17:30

After winning a hard battle against depression, Oliver now suffers from insurmountable and inexplicable fear. After much reluctance, he finally consults with a psychotherapist hoping to find the diagnosis and answers he needs. It’s the beginning of an unexpected and extraordinary journey for him.

Dante Matthew Tanikie-Montagnani When I Die (United Kingdom) 1:19

A spiritual poem

T. J. McIntosh The Gun New Zealand 17:22

An uneasy vision of a young man’s internal world as the escalating intrusions of an embittered older self force him onto a dangerous path.

Robert Lyon Rinaldi – Instrumental Transcommunication To The Other Side United States 01:21:30

For almost three and a half decades, a slight and unassuming Brazilian researcher has been bringing forth evidence of an Afterlife via various processes of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Using technological devices such as telephones, televisions, recorders, computers and cameras, Sonia Rinaldi has been able to record both voice messages and visual images of those who have passed on from this life providing comfort to those who have lost a loved one and helping to prove, definitively, that life continues after bodily death.

12.00 – 14.00

Mitsuo Kurihara The Haunted Jizo of Shimo-Mizuno, Sayama City (Japan) 01:45:38

A story surrounding a statue built in 1600 called the Haunted Jizo.
An evil ghost is eliminated by the power of the Haunted Jizo.

Sharanya Ikshan Down To Earth – Ode To The Origin (India) 12:00

The concept has stemmed from an existential question of a seeker,
“If a 1000 years were to pass in an instant, what would remain of us?” The inherent call of a man to know the ultimate truth of his existence ad the origination of creation. Where does it begin and where does it end? Troubled and hopeless to breath, the man takes on an inward journey to ask its innermost self, Who Am I?

14.00 — 16.00

Joseph Graves Shadows and Lies China 01:18:04

Dark comedy concerning an aging vampire hunter, Sonny Ray Briggs, from Blanchard Springs, Arkansas who seeks revenge on the vampires who murdered his wife. Chasing the “longtooths” from Arkansas to Beijing, Sonny Ray is assisted in his sanguinary quest for retaliation by Bobo Lin, a blue-haired, 20something Beijing girl who has decided to devote her life to “killing evil” and, Serenity, a mute man with a penchant for eating bugs.

Hüseyin Mert Erverdi Monad Turkey 5:00

is it possible to create a film that both induces and reproduces a transcendental experience? The visual design and the sound design of the film encourages the viewer on a state of deep meditation and contemplative trance.

Kristin Mothersbaugh Passage United States 11:59

A young woman uncovers and accepts deep trauma that she had buried in this short fantasy/drama. It is an immersive, shamanic, and symbolic film about the importance of healing.

Carlo Frigenti Magnum Opus Italy 14:47

An alchemist begins a spiritual journey that will test him several times. Among obscure caves and surreal places, the man faces a path full of strangeness and occult symbols that force him to face his fears, and then find himself. The goal is the legendary Philosopher’s Stone that gives immortality. But it represents much more: a new life and a renewed awareness of himself and the world.

Ed Park Lazarus Australia 09:00

A dead man is awoken to save a woman from a murderous man. it is a final deed he must complete before he can continue his journey on charon’s boat to the underworld.

16.00 — 18.00

Ilshat Rakhimbay Mikulai Russian Federation 01:50:00

An old man named Mikulai lives in a remote village. He has a young pregnant wife, elderly parents and fellow-villagers respecting him without measure. But one day there comes a man named Yshtapan who claims that he is Mikulai’s son. His visit ruins the idyl and makes Mikulai recall a terrible truth: all his beloved people died many years ago, and he himself, not being able to overcome the guilt for their deaths, repressed these memories and made dolls instead of the people.

18.00 — 20.00

Luke Lidell Devexity United States 24:00

A novice detective investigates a murder. Different women in different worlds. Is he playing a dangerous game?

Sergei Grankovsky “Noah’s Ark. From the scene” Russia 35:00

In the mountains of Chechnya, an object has been discovered that can unite all the peoples of the world around itself, an object that personifies Russia as the only force capable of reviving spirituality, restoring the lost heritage of great ancestors!

Alexandra Lalova The Tale of the Property of Time 20:00

One day, a magic watch falls into the hands of a high school student Pasha along with a Genie Watchmaker. The next day, a patient of his mother bursts into Pasha’s life, which spoils all the plans of the hero. He is faced with a choice: to save his life from a girl or the girl herself from this life …

Sergei Trannik United Humanity Russia 20:00

The film provides answers to the most important questions for each person, and also shows a life-affirming image of the future, allowing you to safely get out of the current civilizational crisis and avoid an electronic concentration camp with mass utilization of the Earth’s population.

Elena Oktyabrskaya There would be no happiness Russia 20:00

The once successful film actor Afanasy Popov lost everything due to excessive superstition. Agent Athanasius tries to persuade him to play the lead role in a new project, the actor rejects the offer, because in the finale the hero dies, and dying in the film is a bad omen. The director, producer and agent Athanasius decide to give him “shock therapy” and kill two birds with one stone: rid the actor of prejudices and get consent for the role.

20.00 – 22.00

Sasina Marina A beautiful woman dies twice Russia 18:00

Music teacher Oleg Gordeev receives a call from his wife… who died seven years ago. The conversation is interrupted, but Polina manages to say a phrase known only to the two of them. Now Oleg is sure: Polina is alive. And he will find her.

Anastasia Alexandrovna Meshchangina Shamanka Russia 01;25:00

A documentary film about the fate of women Shaman women from Ulan-Ude. Their feelings. Childhood. Encounters with the first visions. Family. The film captures the unique moments of entering a trance, the call of the ancestors. We have found all the answers to such questions as: Who are Shamans? What are they doing? Why? Do they live ordinary lives? What is shamanic disease? Why is the Shaman’s duty to help people?

February 05, 2023

10.00 – 12.00

Federica Alice Carlino, Luca Mondaini Haunted Asylum Italy 4:55

Three arrogant teens get more than they bargained for when they follow three girls into an abandoned insane asylum.

Danielle Mccormick Huni Brazil 30:00

The Huni Kuin are a remote indigenous tribe living in the Amazon rainforest. The psychedelic brew Ayahuasca is a key part of their spirituality. Every Saturday night, they gather as a tribe and take it and go on a night long inner vision quest. They try to live in harmony within themselves, their neighboring tribes and the ecosystem. They were so concerned about the effects climate change was having on the jungle they held a tribal gathering and Ayahuasca ceremony to pray.

Johannes Wachsmuth The Fusion Germany 11:11

SHE collapses in the desert. Her only way out: she must find HIM to make two into one. But to do so, she has to throw off the burden and dive deep. She surfaces again with the key. But where is the keyhole? – An equation in two acts

Alberto Martín-Aragón Dead Light Spain 7:19

In the rooms of an ancient castle, two people enchanted by a strange light live in a strange reality that feeds simultaneously on life and death in an endless cycle.

Yahya (Nick Name : Garshasp) Ghobadi The Free Hearts Friedrich Nietzsche Germany 12:00

in 1883 Nietzsche wrote the book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” to use for teach the superman method. But the day he sees the “whipped horse in Turin”, he becomes disappointed, and at that moment he imagined the future of Human without emotion and realized that humans cannot become superhumans. Because without a “good heart” that helps to “balance” “truth” and “nature”, we cannot be superhuman it was the Prophet “Zarathustra” way . So it led Nietzsche to a mental breakdown and permanent illness and then death. But this was the beginning of the story because a distant future was waiting for mankind that Nietzsche imagined before he died . So in this sci fiction story will be start with this theory.

Federica Alice Carlino, Luca Mondaini A Challenge in The Philip

Camilla Martini In a Tamasic World Italy 4:00

A dreamlike symbolic journey into the modern world. Anima – the human soul – is threatened by dark forces, who besiege her as hooded strangers. Hyperion – the mad sage, and Clotho – the Moira seamstress of fate who spins the thread of human life, measure up against infinity and fate. Maya – queen of fire and illusion, evokes the lifeforces needed to sustain Anima in the confrontation that awaits her. On the chessboard of good and evil, where the struggle is being fought with tamasic forces, Anima appears to capitulate – but the immortal current of life will prove stronger than everything else.

Karolina Trace Bronsis 2 Russian Federation 12:00

With the help of a special apparatus, brother and sister can now communicate despite their being in different dimensions. How exactly will the brother’s message from the astral world change the sister’s course of life?

Nathan Hirschaut, Iman Kamel Origins Israel 12:00

Nathan loses his father in an unexpected accident and goes on a pilgrimage to Egypt to look for answers. At the temple of Philae, Goddess Aset Isis speaks to him and sends him on a life-changing journey.

12.00 — 14.00

Abhineet Gogne Doors India 01:33:00

Betrayed in love, an enraged man boards a taxi in the lonesome night: Journeying with an otherworldly taxi driver and a bizarre schoolgirl into multi-dimensional realms.

Roman Bataev Psychics Russian Federation 26:00

Three Loser Psychics attract the attention of journalist Anna, who decides to make a revealing film with their participation. In the course of the investigation, Anna not only begins to feel sympathy for the charismatic trinity, but also begins to doubt that their activities are an absolute fake.

14.00 — 16.00

Petrosky, Diana Lyr The Spirit of Yoga Germany 01:27:21

“The Spirit of Yoga” is a documentary film about yoga.
Yoga is life and a gift to all of us. On this way inward, the filmmakers Phil and Diana, with their feeling for people and nature, visited and interviewed teachers and masters.

Lev Tsivian Do people need religion in 21st century? Canada 29:11

Krishna followers in Kharkiv share some knowledge about their religion.

Aron Majnar Ancients Switzerland 3:30

A woman finds herself in a lucid dream that takes her on a philosophical journey.

16.00 – 18.00

Dmitry Skorodumov The Case of the Eclairs. In Search of Lieutenant Sidorov Russia 01:05:00

Strange things are happening in the city of Ensk: corruption and bureaucracy corrode business processes, and indifference and depression – people’s hearts. What is it: an accident or malicious intent? Finding the answer to this question was entrusted to the investigator of the special department of the Investigative Committee for working with the strange, Lieutenant Alexei Pravdin, who discovers that an otherworldly inhuman evil force is behind everything that happens.

Philip Oktanovich Whose Bullet 13:00

An intelligent middle-aged man is lost in his own thoughts, doubts and conjectures, goes crazy and ends up in the hands of cynical medical workers.

Ryntsev Igor Become Dust Russia 14:00

This is a fantasy philosophical story about a man who, under the influence of illness and medicine, enters the forest and turns into an acacia bush. Together with the hero, we are experiencing the last scraps of human thoughts of his fading life. Is everything so bad?

Evgeny Vedrov Premonition Russia 10:50

A young clerk returns home after work and freezes in front of the stairs to the city park, because he has a vague premonition – either love or death.

18.00 – 21.00

Anna Makeeva Dangerous Sun Russia 58:00

A film about self-realization and fears. How parents themselves lock their children in “closets of fear” with the help of intimidation and manipulation out of “care”. And what does it all lead to. A whole world of intimidated people who can’t be themselves and are easily manipulated. And, of course, when a person suddenly begins to hear his true desires, to see something more, to know the freedom of the individual, when a new world of possibilities opens up to him – at first they do not understand him, do not believe and sometimes consider him crazy.

Denisov Andrey Inner peace Russia 10:00

The hero of the film tells how he finds peace of mind and what tools he uses for this. This is a film – meditation, reflection, immersion.

Christina Dehant Obsession Russia 01:15:00

A couple of young actors Karina and Anton Morozov live in a happy marriage. But their family well-being is threatened when Anton decides to master the Supervolition system – an original acting technique developed by their theater director Nestor Berg. The ambitious actor becomes more withdrawn and nervous every day, gradually moving away from his wife.

Marianna Vesku Segunda vida Germany 3:13

Music video for Katya Panova is german female raper produces her songs in spanish and russian. Story take roots in Hinduism and tells about possible souls life and multiuniverse. Starts in doner place in Berlin and finishes in between-life space.