Nick Land’s Meltdown AI-fication

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This project vivifies by means of AI-generated audiovisual media the seminal essay ‘Meltdown’ (1995) written by the «father of accelerationism,” controversial philosopher Nick Land. This early accelerationist essay speculates a technocapital singularity that leads to an AI apocalypse that renders humanity obsolete. All sentences of the text are used as prompts for text-to-image, text-to-video, and text-to-music/sound ML models. Nick Land’s voice is cloned and deep-faked from one of his online interviews to generate an artificial narration of his own text. The assembled hour-long schizofilm has a satirical/Dionysian attitude and chimerizes elements of music video, video essay, sci-fi, and documentary.

Director: Космас Янноутакис (Kosmas Giannoutakis)