The Esoteric International Film Festival collects the best esoteric films from around the world, which were created both by professionals and by enthusiasts, and helps to get them across to audience.

We admit only the esoteric films, both modern and historical ones. As well as those films, where esoteric world is an important part of the synopsis.

Esoteric International Film Festival invite filmmakers who make films and documentaries about ghosts and spirits, brownies and witches, fairies and sorcerers, exorcism and parapsychology, telekinesis and transmission of thoughts at a distance, prophetic dreams and premonitions, alchemy, amulets, amulets, non-traditional religious cults, voodoo religion, animism, shamanism, theosophy and anthroposophy, the hidden edges of reality and other dimensions; self-discovery, the search for the meaning of life, the search for yourself in this world and your mission, life after death, human energy, chakras, aura, meditation, yoga, retreats, spiritual practices, spiritual teachers and ashrams, reincarnation and the recollection of past lives, the power of thoughts and the work of the subconscious; alternative medicine and non-standard methods of treatment, the universal mind, the energies of the new time, high vibrations, etc.

All films must be in English. Alternatively, have the English subtitles (with the exception of all films without words), regardless of the country of production.

All best films that were selected for the vscreening, will be shown on the big screen during the solemn final ceremony on March 27-29, 2020 in Moscow, Russia and will be able to struggle for the main prize and the title of the «Best Esoteric film». As well as for the prizes in the standalone nominations.

Awards & Prizes

• Best Esoteric Feature Film

• Best Esoteric Narrative Short

• Best Esoteric Documentary Feature

• Best Esoteric Documentary Short

 • Best Esoteric Music Video

• Best Esoteric Web Series

 • Best Esoteric Animated Short

Our team 

Valery Shanin’s Film Club

Festival Director Valery Shanin

Valery Shanin — professional psychologist (MSU), member of the Union of Russian Journalists, writer, documentary director, editor of television programs, director of international film festivals in Russia and Cyprus.



Head of Programming Irina Spirina

Irina Spirina — professional psychologist, coach, theta-healing instructor, graduated from the Erickson Coaching University, worked at the Moscow Training Center, has authored self-development courses, and has been organizing international film festivals since 2016.

Event Director Oleg Semichev

SMM Manager Timofey Astahov

Photographer Mihalis Ovchinnikov

Cameraman Sergey Borisov

Festival jury

Attila Kaldy, producer of MoonLarkMedia, began his film making career in 2006 with rugged and raw footage collected from haunted locations in Australia. Driven by a passion for the unexplained, he have since filmed and produced three paranormal reality TV shows (series), an esoteric talk show, three documentary series, four documentary films on the unexplained and a short horror film.


11182244_1607052202842054_849784185199105906_nVadim Inin — producer, member of the Union of Cinematographers





14199710_1738346196426614_4279657798495179938_nYana Salacinska — program director of Ocean-tv channel. Member of the jury of the festival «Vivat, Russia», one of the organizers of the international film festival «Ocean film fest».



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