Best Esoteric Feature Film

Christianne van Wijk The Blueprint (United Kingdom)

Best Esoteric Short Film

Yaro A lex The Spot (USA Russia)

Best Esoteric Documentary Feature

Marc Bielli The Passion of Mary Magdalene (France)

Best Esoteric Documentary Short

André Kloer Holding Silence (Netherlands)

Best Esoteric Music Video

Ben Mathie Just a Ride (USA)

Best Esoteric TV Pilot / Web Series

Lee Foster, Tito Guillen On A List (Canada)

Best Esoteric Animated Short

Erin Pollock Lucky Mud (USA)

Best Director

Johannes Wachsmuth The cosmos in me (Germany)

Best Cinematography

Nora Wendt JAJO (Germany)

Special Mention by the Jury Members of the Film Festival and TV Extra Channel “For Opening the Horizons of Human Consciousness”

Paul MacGowan Wandering…But Not Lost (UK)

Winners 2020

1. Grand Prix

Satya Prakash Choudhary «The Last Koan» (India)

2. Best Esoteric Feature Film

Mart Sander «Eerie Fairy Tales» (Estonia)

3. Best Esoteric Short Film

Julie Gaston «A cloud on fire» (Germany)

4 Best Esoteric Long Documentary

Gerald Schank, Slavica Martinovic «One World – The Ocean of Presence» (Germany)

5. Best Esoteric Short Documentary

Kinda Kurdi «As Above So Below» (UK)

6 Best Esoteric Music Video

Jeremiah Williams «Osirika – Black Champagne» (USA)

7. Best Esoteric Animated Short

Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette «Anacronte» (Argentina)

8. Best Director

Eva Daoud «The Light Thief» (Bahrain, Spain)

9. Best Cinematography

Stuart T Birchall «Triskelion» (UK)

10. Best Film Design

Richard James Allen «Text Messages from the Universe» (Australia)

11. Best Russian Esoteric Film

Sergey Melnichenko «Realization» (Осознание) (Russia)