Selected Films

All officially selected films (till now). You can submit your film. Look at the page Submit Your Film

Aaron With “Out of Tune” (Mexico)

Johnnie Semerad “Temptation” Of Saint Francis (USA)

Igor Stephen Rados “Nursery Rhyme of a Madman” (Canada)

Stuart T Birchall “Triskelion” (UK)

Kinda Kurdi “As Above So Below” (UK)

Satya Prakash Choudhary “The Last Koan” (India)

Yulia Maximova “Ilgu: smell your desire” (UK)

Jeremiah Williams “Osirika – Black Champagne” (USA)

Gerald Schank, Slavica Martinovic “One World – The Ocean of Presence” (Germany)

Christophe Ledard “Proofs from the past” (France)

Maria Staroselets “The Daily Dreamer” (USA)

Christopher M Armstrong “Memory Man” (UK)

Misha Tognola “The Hidden Great Pyramid that Heals” (Switzerland)

Julie Gaston “A cloud on fire” (Germany)

Mark Waters “Chasing the Present” (UK)

Barrett Burgin “Father of Man” (USA)