August 06, 2020

August 06, 2020 15.00 — 20.00 Moscow time

Esoteric Films on English or with English subtitles

15.00 — 17.00 Moscow time

Eva Daoud The Light Thief Bahrain 19:00

When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name , what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?

Amertat Cohn Sunseed: The Journey USA 01:22:54

In the 1960s and 1970s, many teachers and gurus from the East were called to the West to share their approaches to theology and timeless traditions of meditation, yoga, and spiritual understanding. It was the dawning of a new consciousness. What resulted was an awakening and a transcendent movement that is still rocking the culture today.
Narrated by Peter Coyote. Featuring Ram Dass, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Pir Vilayat Khan, Swami Satchidananda, Swami Muktananda, Roshi Shunryu Suzuki, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Lama Anagarika Govinda, Yogi Bhajan, Maharaji Virsa Singh, Stephen Gaskin, Hilda Charlton, Vocha Fiske, Joe Miller, Gavin Arthur, Maharaji Neem Karoli, and Sri Brim Dass, with personal comments from the director.

Olga Efre Elpha USA 4:35

The child of the tree keeps the energy balance of Earth and saves the fallen warrior.

Ксения Шевцова The Door Belarus 4:47

Many tales, myths, and legends talk about the mysterious door leading into another world. This film is a metaphor about a passionate human wish to obtain what we lack. It’s about entering this door and starting a new life.

17.00 — 18.00 Moscow time

Sergey Melnichenko Realization Russia 38:12

The main character Maxim recently have strange dreams, from which he becomes afraid. But soon he understands that this not slumbers, and his soul goes from bodies, and can move in space. Max begins to learn new knowledge. He comes up with the idea of an unusual way to make money. But the method is very dangerous.

Vladimir Tobolchenko Fuga Normalis Russia 5:25

Going on a trip, hope only for the best. And if suddenly you have doubts, just say aloud (or to yourself) : “Everything’s alright! (Fuga Normalis)”

Raú Koler, Emiliano Sette Anacronte Argentine 15:00

what on a first instance appears to be a conflict between good and evil, is just a struggle within every single one of us. the options are clear: to cope with evil and to continue fighting for our dreams,..

18.00 — 20.00 Moscow time

Richard James Allen Text Messages from the Universe Australia 01:02:00

‘Text Messages from the Universe’ is a film that immerses its audience in subjective states of consciousness they might experience when they die.  It imagines what they can see and think and hear in a seamless but fragmentary flow of poetic images, words, dance and music.  It places the viewer in the position of going through a journey into their own interior world of dreams and projections in which time and space, and cause and effect logic, are turned on their heads. 

‘Text Messages from the Universe’ is inspired by ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, a text which guides souls on their 49 day transmigration through the ‘Bardo’, or intermediate state, between dying and rebirth. It also draws on the Yogic idea of the seven Chakras, or psychic energy centres, in visualizing this odyssey of movement, colour and consciousness.

Malte Füllgrabe Lebenspanorama- A portrait on the search for Reincarnation 24:00

The majority of people believe in life after death, for example in the immortality of the soul or the resurrection of the dead. About 25% believe in reincarnation.
Cult and observation sites from the Bronze Age are witnesses that our ancestors already believed in life after death.
The question of what form the transformation of the spirit takes after death is now accompanied by research in the field of neuroscience, near-death experiences, reincarnation research, Buddhist belief and regression therapy. The film poses these questions to the Buddhist teacher Ole Nydahl, the psychologist Hans Markowitsch and the reincarnation researcher Dieter Hassler. Will the new insights bring us certainty?

D. R. Thompson Signs of a Rebel Buddha USA 20:00

Signs of a Rebel Buddha explores the lives of unconventional spiritual teachers in an attempt to define what makes them unique. The film features Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz — a successful software entrepreneur and spiritual teacher who blended American individualism and business savvy with Buddhism in innovative and unconventional ways.

Lucile Mercier Night Horse France 44:00

Night horseback retraces paul’s journey, a man who returns to a place where he has never been before. led by a sailor, paul arrives in a small village that has been abandoned for almost a century, kayakoy,..